Why choose Mega Tiles ?

» Dimensionally stable
» Luxury aspect
» Timeless colours
» Easy maintenance
» Peaceful, space and openness

Perfect edges

Thanks to a small bevel, Mega Tiles can be used to create a sleek and beautifully finished design. Mega Tiles create a sense of openness, rest and space.

Nicely closed topcoat

The topcoat is fine and closed, provided with colour supporting granulates or pigments for a beautiful colour, even in the long term.

Suitable for driveways

The Mega Tiles comply with the strictest standards and production regulations. Different sizes are available in 6, 8, 10, 14 and 20 cm thickness, so they can be used in driveways.

Inspiring tiles and creations

What makes Mega Tiles Rockstone specific is their characteristic, discretely grainy appearance. Because the Mega Tiles Rockstone are subjected to a special “wash-out” process directly after production, which lets the rich shades in the stone aggregates come into their own and safeguards their colour fastness at the same time. Due to the robust character, the Mega Tiles Rockstone are very appropriate for bordering water features or swimming pools. After all, their grainy nature results in an anti-slip effect.

Tiles with character

The Mega Tiles Carreau feels right at home in a trendy, contemporary exterior design. This collection ensures a perfect synergy between the style of your house and the concept that you have in mind for your outside space. The sleek lines from the Mega Tiles Carreau and the serene shades will give your garden design an immediate harmonious and stylish charisma.

Rhythm and variation ensure a perfect and complete picture

Are you crazy about the appearance of our Mega Tiles, but you also like variation? Perfect, because with the Multi-formats range of the Mega Tiles, you get to play with different dimensions. This way you obtain a dynamic and imaginative effect that will come into its own right, in part due to the different colours of the collection.