• Soft to the touch Megasmooth with bountiful good looks and royal measurements
  • Real success story for Stone&Style by Ebema
  • Lively tile will, over time, develop and show subtle colour
  • Wonderful to walk barefoot on
  • Feels right at home near natural water features
  • Available in various sizes:
    •    Thickness 6 cm
      • 100×100 cm, 100×50 cm, 60×60 cm
    •    Thickness 5 cm (swimming pool edges only)
      •     100×100 cm, 100×50 cm
    • Thickness 4 cm (New)
      •     100×100 cm, 60×60 cm

The Megasmooth collection, which is made from durable, natural raw materials, is characterized by its velvety surface and soft colour nuances that become more beautiful as it ages. The sleek design and completeness of the range means that Megasmooth is ideal for use in integrated contemporary gardens.

Smooth Object:

Cream Velvet:

Grey Velvet:

Blue Velvet: